Friday, April 1, 2011

March In the Books

What can I say except that I floated through the month relatively unscathed, losing a few pounds but not enough as I would have liked.

March Average Totals:

  • 2489 Calories
  • 152 Net Carbs
  • 24.5% of Total Calories 
  • 4 pounds lost to 260 
I'm happy that I held my own, didn't gain, actually lost a few pounds, and was able to withstand enormous personal issues that could have derailed me.  For the most part I ate a moderately low carb diet, stayed positive, and got back on track quickly when giving in to temptation.  For that I am thankful.

I must note a few things negative.  First of all, I didn't keep my total carb intake to under 20%, which  accounted for less weight loss.  Secondly, I didn't stay away from fast food place places, favoring McDonald's as my junk food place of choice.  Thirdly, I ate too much wheat.  Finally, I didn't work out enough.  Exercise alone isn't a major factor for my weight loss, but it keeps me sane, and the overall benefits of exercise are worth the effort.

April Goals:

  • No fast food visits
  • Total net carbs < 20%
  • Work out 4 times/per week
  • No wheat
While I cannot brag about March, I'm not discouraged.  I'd like to see if I can get down below 250 pounds which would thrill me greatly.  If I can also get in a few 3 mile runs this month, that would be a small victory too.   Have a great April!