Thursday, April 1, 2010

Eight Pounds Lost in Ten Days

Today's weight: 286 pounds
Yesterday's Calories: 2750
Yesterday's Net Carbs: 132
Yesterday's Steps: 2027

Today is day four without any wheat products, and although it has been an adjustment, I've lost four pounds in four days, so I AIN'T COMPLAININ'. I'm not sure how long this will last, but I feel strong and will continue now for the month of April to see how much I can lose while staying away from wheat.

I'm also at my low for the year, down 11 pounds now from my year's high of 297. And in fact, I've dropped eight pounds in ten days since I restarted my dieting madness. Yes. I attribute this now to lowering my carbs, giving up wheat, and exercising moderately.

My goals this month are to lower my net carbs to below 100, get up my walking, work out with weights, and staying away from wheat.


  1. Great blog. Thanks for the link on your blog roll, I've given you a link on my weight loss blog too.

    All the very best for your weight loss, and congratulations on hitting a new yearly low!

    Craig (

  2. M. Hog,
    Congratulations on your weight loss and efforts to free yourself from wheat. I used to weigh over 300 lbs before I learned what devastating effects carbs wreaked on my metabolism. I've learned it's not calories in and calories out - for me, it's all carbs. I've been fat since I was 5 and I had no control over my appetite - ever. Take away carbs and overeating totally disappears. I wish I had figured that out when I was young. Now, I have lost over 100 of those excess lbs. without being hungry or having to exercise. I do walk & bike some because I enjoy it. I have found eating my carbs in veggies and keeping them under 50g per day works for me. I try to follow the PaNu blog 12 step plan ( Dr. Harris has so much information on his blog about the science of nutrition (and the evils of wheat). I haven't eliminated most dairy though. Hope you find the plan that works for you! Wishing you the best - Jojo.