Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Strange Call

Today's Weight: 288 pounds
Yesterday's Calories: 2471
Yesterday's Net Carbs: 76
Yesterday's steps: 3819

Today is day two of my attempt at leading a wheat free lifestyle and it is going fair. I did not eat any bread or bread like substances yesterday, but in my efforts I did receive a threatening phone call from the "Holy Wheat Institute" this morning after my walk.

As I climbed out of my giant underpants to get ready for my shower, the phone rang. I picked it up and a dark, foreboding voice on the other end strongly suggested I stop this ban on wheat, otherwise I might find myself tied up in a Kansas wheat field with a baguette stuffed down my gullet.

I quickly hung up the phone and after considering my options, I shakily have decided to defiantly continue onward with my efforts to give up wheat. I am down but not broken.

In my heart I keep telling myself it's not the fat, it's the wheat. We shall see.

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