Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Carbohydrate Overload

Today's Weight: 294 pounds
Yesterday's Calories: 3437
Yesterday's Net Carbs: 339

Boy, did I pound away at the carbs. Now I'm bloated and hoping to regain some control today. I misread the amount of carbs on a piece of bread, not paying attention to the fact that only half of the sourdough bread constitutes a serving, making the full piece of bread a whopping 300 calories. Since I had two pieces, that would bring the total to 6oo calories for two pieces of bread. So one piece of bread had 56 net carbs.

Christ, it was downhill from there. Load on top of that the macaroni and cheese, the burrito, the beer, and the cupcake, and it was a day of disaster. Now I've got to right myself and get back eating like a low carb king.

At least I'm keeping track again so I know when the damage occurs.

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