Saturday, February 12, 2011

Wheat Free- Day 5

Today's Weight: 268 lbs

Today is day 5 of a new round of eating designed to take my body into levels not seen in several years. Several steps are being taken. They are:

  • Removing wheat from my daily fare
  • Reducing whole milk and replacing it with half & half
  • Keeping net carbs to less than 20%
  • Keeping Calories to below 2400 per day

While I've been utilizing low carb as a means to maintain weight and slowly lose, I haven't been serious in quite a long time, nor have I been consistent. It's time once again to see what I can do and where I can go with this. Right now I'm down 13 pounds for the year--that's a great start.

Monday I begin a new workout routine. I measured my waist a few days ago and it was a drastic 52 inches! While I have been working out, my waist still is immense, so this new eating regimen along with a new weight lifting/cardio routine ought to produce serious results.

Frankly I'm sick and tired of being this fat and not making real progress.

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